written and performed by Haroula Rose Copyright 2016 Little Bliss Records/Thirty Tigers from "Here The Blue River" LP Production Company: American Black Market Director: Nate Horowitz Featuring: Amber Grace, Eric Seiver and Haroula Rose
One day we decided to play a few songs at home. No mics, nothing fancy, just iPhones!
From the new album "Here the Blue River"out March 25th via Little Bliss/Thirty Tigers Director/Editor: Matthew Petock Cinematographer: Nick Bentgen Colorist: Andrew Geary (Company 3 NY) https://www.facebook.com/haroularose
From the new album "Here The Blue River" March 2016 via Little Bliss/Thirty Tigers. http://heyitsharoula.com Directed by Clara Aranovich
Haroula Rose sings a live version of "This Old House" in Chelsea, New York Directed by Julian West

For the song "Free to be Me" by Haroula Rose from the debut LP "These Open Roads" (2011). The video was done by Ove Pictures, slovak animation duo Michaela Copikova & Veronika Obertova. Animated with traditional technique of paper cut out animation, drawing animation and also stop-motion experiments with paper characters glued to a glove.

The official music video for Haroula Rose's single "Someday". Written and performed by Haroula Rose. Produced by Brad Gordon. Animated by James Cary. Additional Illustration by Dorothy Royle. Enjoy. Haroula's Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/haroularose James' Website: http://jschlock.com/

"Simple Time" Official Music Video Directed by Radan Popovic Song by Haroula Rose Album: "These Open Roads" (2011) Produced by Andy LeMaster

Director: Joselito Seldera Producer: John Paul Henderson Camera: Andy Landen, David Lee

Created by -- Studio Nos Design and Direction by -- Mathew Amonson & Jeremy Bronson Inking by -- Michelle Schindler Camera and Edit by -- Mathew Amonson Production Coordinator - Rachael Pearlman Additional Artists Credits to follow Thanks to all for your amazing work!

Lyric video for Time's Fool performed by Haroula Rose (vox, guitar). Written by Haroula Rose and Geoff Martyn, featuring Mark Noseworthy on 12 string guitar. Photography by Clara Aranovich on Kodachrome film at the Griffith Park Observatory www.haroularose.com facebook.com/haroularose twitter.com/haroularose

The Official Music Video for the song "So Easy" Written by Haroula Rose and Jonathan Flaugher From the "So Easy" EP (2012) Copyright Haroula Rose/Laughing Blue Directed by Michael R. Miller Featuring Jonathan Flaugher, Jason Orme, Matt Lucich, Erik Hatchet

This is a montage of photos I took while living abroad. I got to spend a month in the MIddle East, so a lot of the images are from Syria, Jordan and Israel but a few from Spain, Italy and Morocco.

Director: Ryan Berg Cinematographer: Geoff Alderete Shot in Los Angeles Written by: Mason Jennings Performed by: Haroula Rose On debut LP "These Open Roads" Produced by Andy Lemaster Features musicians: Zac Rae (baritone guitar, production), John Neff (pedal stell), Blair Sinta (percussion) Featured on Under The Radar 10th Anniversary Sampler

Haroula came in and killed us softly with an awesome tune. you can find more from her at http://www.myspace.com/haroularose

another takeaway shot at my studio in Chicago. All shot, mixed, recorded, edited, rubbed, pinched and pickeled by caleb condit (me).

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